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Library information for kids (K-5th grade).




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All Children Excel

All Children Excel

ACE - All Children Excel are specialized programs and services developed by MCPL with content for Early Literacy and to help children learn.

With the focus on STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics), these programs, technology, and materials are designed to help children achieve in these areas:

Little Explorer Go! Kits can be checked out for children 3 to 6 years old that contain several books, science tools, and a Playaway Launchpad with preloaded apps.

Young Voyager Go! Kits can be checked out for children ages 7 to 12 years old that contain several books, science tools, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A with preloaded apps. 

Events for Kids


AWE Digital Learning Stations & Tablets

child using an awe station

Early Literacy Bilingual and After School Edge Stations are special computers preloaded with child tested software that makes learning science, math, geography and reading fun for young children. These programs are designed to inspire children to become life-long learners through education and technology.

For children, ages 2-10.

Early Literacy Bilingual Stations are at all branches except for Kensington Park, Noyes, and Potomac. 

AWE Tablets

There are three types of AWE tablets: Early Literacy, Bilingual Early Literacy and After School Edge. AWE tablets can be checked out

  • for in branch use only
  • only on a library card for ages 13 and up
  • for one hour and cannot be renewed

AWE Early Literacy tablets are at the following branches:

AWE Bilingual (Spanish/English) Early Literacy tablets are at the following branches:

After School Edge tablets are at the following branches:

February Kids Poll

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Last month's poll winner for who would you rather befriend was a dragon

Find Good Books for Your Child with Beanstack

kids holding sign about finding your child's next book to enjoy via Beanstack

Get personalized reading recommendations for kids from your library!  

  • Sign up for free with Beanstack where you can create a profile with your child's age, interests, and reading level.  
  • Each week you'll be emailed a new book recommendation from the MCPL collection chosen by a team of children's librarians.
  •  Each recommendation also will be available through the user’s profile page and will include tips to help your child learn.

Discovery Rooms

child playing in discovery room









Make learning fun for you and your child! Toys and games designed to foster learning through play are available in our Discovery Rooms.

More information on Discovery Rooms and make a reservation.

Youth Cruiser SmarTrip® Cards

youth cruiser logo

Youth Cruiser SmarTrip® card for residents 5 to 18 years of age (older if still in high school) can be purchased at all MCPL branches for $2.00 to use on Montgomery County’s Ride On bus system

Proof of age and County residence is required to obtain a Youth Cruiser SmarTrip® card.  Riders or their parents must purchase the card in person.